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Her Holiness The Pope. Writer Graham Roos. Producer Director Nigel Barker

When Pasqualina Lehrnhart - an attractive young German nun - falls for the brilliant but disturbed papal nuncio to Germany (Eugenio Pacelli– the future pope Pius XII) as WWI draws to a close. When the young Adolf Hitler comes looking for help she sees trouble lays ahead for her unworldly nuncio. Sacrificing everything for his sake she follows him to Rome becoming the first woman ever in a papal conclave. Now that he is pope on the eve of the second world war she sees the dangers ahead and sets up a printing press deep in the bowels of the Vatican forging passports for the Jews. As Pacelli dithers, besieged by the fascists & allies alike, she begins, thanks to her network of spy-nuns, the process of saving the lives of as many Jews as she can.

Showcased at LAMDA, the performance elicited this response from supporter Dame Norma Major...

The showcase performance of  'Her Holiness the Pope' was completely absorbing from the opening moments.  Even without benefit of scenery or costume the unfolding story of Pasqualina Lehrnhart's influence over Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli , later Pope Pius XII , was packed with dramatic tension and has a powerful resonance at the present time.

Dame Norma Major

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A Son of Many Fathers Writer Graham Roos. Director Nigel Barker

SYNOPSIS: This black comedy about race, identity and belonging is a contemporary exploration of Oberon’s battle with Titania for the affections of the Indian Boy (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream). It is Christmas and Sir Andrew Cockburn, an aging producer, is living on memories of former glories and vodka in a run down, shabby-chic mansion flat in Paddington. His ex-partner Sally, whom he rescued from Soho Burlesque, is a former  Chinese beauty in her early fifties. A shrewd business woman, she has history with Andrew. There is a secret she is protecting him from. She lives in the same mansion block keeping an eye on his dwindling fortunes. Reg is a young man with a past. He works as a fitness instructor at the gym where Andrew has an arrangement with the boys. Of Sikh extraction, he is ignorant of his ancestry and appears to be just another London lad on the make. When he comes into the lives of Sally and Andrew everything will change. For ever.

“Graham Roos writes with a directness and urgency embracing both intellectual and emotional clarity. His characters are authentic and speak with individuality. He has an acute ear for pithy dialogue which is catchy, true, eminently ‘sayable’ with a fine mix of laughter and tears.”

Currently being adapted from successful theatre script to film script.


DEREK JACOBI has agreed to appear in this.


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Currently being adapted from successful theatre script to film script.

Sir Derek Jacobi.

OKOYI ‘WARRIOR BOY’ Writer - Director Nigel Barker


A long time ago in the desert wilderness of Harmattan, Okoyi a boy of fourteen is out hunting. When he returns he finds that his family have been killed by fierce Sarahule warriors. Okoyi joins a band of soldiers on their way to battle with the Sarahule and although initially rebuffed, he pursuades them to allow him to join them. He is taught to ride like a warrior and learns to use his already considerable skills with a bow and arrow to become an effective archer in the troop.

The force are ambushed and most of the troop are killed. Okoyi and nine others attempt a rescue mission to release some of their companions who have been taken prisoner but when they fail they find themselves being pursued by a Sarahule tracker who seems to have a super natural ability to pursue his foes.  They are chased relentlessly though the wilderness, through desert, mountain and forest.

Finally they take refuge in a small village where Okoyi meets a young girl, and falls in love. He promises to return but still pursued by the tracker, he and three others head for the safety of an eastern garrison.

When they arrive they find the garrison abandoned and decide they have had enough of being pursued. They turn and face the tracker and his men and in a final shoot out Okoyi kills the tracker. The remaining four soldiers return to the main garrison in the south and Okoyi and the others are decorated by the Amir for their bravery but Okoyi decides he has had enough of war and returns to the village and the girl he met on the way to ask for her hand in marriage and become a farmer once again.

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